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Colombo: 04, Sri Lanka

phone 0773227790

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Our Services

We offer following types of services to our customers;

  1. Online shop selling Health & Beauty related products.
  2. Prescription medicines online ordering and delivery (Colombo only).
  3. Prescription medicines refilling facility (Colombo only).
    Please call us on 0117 306 306 to know more details.

Online Health & Beauty Shop

Our online shop has a variety of Health & Beauty products to cater to all types of markets. We deliver the products island-wide and to your doorstep. CLICK HERE TO VISIT ONLINE HEALTH & BEAUTY SHOP

Urgent Medication Needs

In urgent need of medication? Call us on 0117 306 306 to fulfill your request with utmost urgency (OTC & Prescription Medicines). Colombo 1 to 15 only. Contact Us On: 0117 306 306

Prescription Medicines Delivery & Medicine Refill Facility

We can take care of all your medicines requirements with delivery to your doorstep. Upload your prescriptions to our website and we will immediately process your order. We also do medicines refill facility. Do give us a call on 0117 306 306 to know more details about this service. CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR PRESCRIPTION ONLINE