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Colombo: 04, Sri Lanka

phone 0117306306

WhatsApp Your Orders To: 0117306306

Upload Your Prescription

    - Please ensure that the image you are uploading is clear and contains all 4 edges of the prescription.

    - If your prescription comes through cut off or the text is unreadable, we will not be able to accept it.

    - Please note: It is an offense to tamper with a written medical prescription in anyway.

    - If we identify that a prescription sent to us has been forged or altered in anyway, we will immediately discard your order without notice.

    - Hence, please use this service ethically with caution.

    - If you need help, please call us on 0117306306. You can also WhatsApp / Viber your prescription to 0770069900.


    Please note that we will try to deliver the prescription medication within 24 hours. However, there might be occasions where the delivery might get delayed due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control. Every such instance will be immediately notified to you on the mobile number specified above.

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