Sustagen Nutritional Supplement – Vanilla 400g


Sustagen Nutritional Supplement – Vanilla 400g

  • Sustagen Vanilla 400g (14.10 oz)
  • Supplies most of your nutritional requirements as directed by your physician.
  • A combination of active lifestyle and good nutrients can help your health in so many ways. Sustagen Nutritional Supplement is nutritionally complete.
  • Sustagen contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and are high in protein, Calcium and low in fat with a low GI.
  • Sustagen replenishes the body and helps maintain energy for longer.
  • Sustagen may also provide the nutrients that may be lacking due to an insufficient diet.
  • Above all, Sustagen has a great taste.

To Prepare SUSTAGEN Beverage:

  • Place 5 scoops (17.6 cc), approximately 50 g of SUSTAGEN Vanilla Powder to 90 ml of warm water (approximately 40°C) to make 120 ml beverage.
  • Place SUSTAGEN Powder on surface of water and mix by hand or with electric beater. For small quantities, shake in tightly capped jar or shaker.
  • SUSTAGEN Beverage has a pleasant flavor. For variety, chocolate, coffee, fruit or other flavors may be added unless contrary to your physician’s diet instructions. SUSTAGEN Beverage is usually preferred chilled. If a thinner or less sweet drink is preferred, add a little extra water.
  • If the amount of SUSTAGEN taken does not meet the patient’s fluid needs, additional water should be given. Particular care must be taken to meet the water requirements of debilitated or unconscious patients.
  • If reconstituted beverage is not consumed immediately, keep in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours after mixing.


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